2023 - Special Events - High Roller $5K Weekend

Sept 23-24, 2023

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Pre-Pay (CLOSED) Click Here

Advantages to Pre-Paying

1) Discount if paid by Sept 10th 2023

2) Allows to print a submission receipt and shown at the front gate speeding up the process. 
3) Separate Line at the Tech Booth to Sign-In & get wrist-bands
4) Self Tech - pre-print Tech Card & fill out before you come to reduce wait time & line

Saturday & Sunday
High Roller - $5000 to Win
Mini Roller - $800 to Win

Specialty Races

Saturday - Blind Squirrel
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$500 Win
Off the Trailer Round Robin Racing.
If you need time for cooling & fueling this isn't for YOU!

Sunday - $1500 Quick 16

Fastest 16 paid entries.
If also entered into High Roller:
Skip each round you win, but must return immediately to the lanes when you lose

High Roller
On-Site Entry Fee $100
Weekend Prepay - Single ($185) & Double ($370)
Weekend PRE-PAY must be made by Sept 10th


Buy Back $50 (1st or 2nd Rd)
(Over 100 entries 1st Rd only)

Guaranteed Payout
Win $5000
R/Up $1000

Semi's $400
(minimum 60 entries)

Qtrs $200 (w/76 or more entries)
1/8's $100 (w/93 or more entries)
1/16's $50
(w/109 or more entries)

Mini Roller
Entry Fee $40
Buy Back $20 (1st and 2nd Rd)

Single Entries Only

Guaranteed Payout

Win $800
($1000 w/56 or more entries)

R/Up $200
($400 w/66 or more entries)

Semi's $60 (w/31 or more entries)
$125 w/66 or more entries

Qtrs $50 (w/76 or more entries)

High Roller Rules:

Double Entries allowed (Double Box or Double No-Box or Single Box & Single No-Box)

Only 1 time Run Per Person (Doubles don't get 2 Time Runs per Session)
Double Entries called up 1st during Eliminations
No entry/s will hold up racing waiting for second entry to get back to staging
2nd entry will not receive special consideration in regards to: cooling, fueling, tire pressure…
1st rd Bye Run will be random draw
After 1st rd Bye Run = Best Reaction (Ties Flip a coin)
Bye Car always has Lane Choice no matter what round
If a racer wants “Cross-Talk” off put a circled “N” near car number
Lane Choice is 1st come basis (when all racers remain in 1 lane the lead car will receive lane choice)
Box & No-Box will be separate until one class has 2 or less entries & then combined
Buy Back 1st or 2nd round (unless 101 entries or more = 1st Rd only)

Saturday 1 Time run per driver per car (2 drivers & 1 Car = each will get one)

Sunday 1 time run for NEW entries only (New Drivers or New Car to the Property)

When laddered
Random ladder at 8 Entries or less
If odd numbered entries remain; Bye car from previous round will receive the bye
If two racers are caring the bye; they will flip a coin for the bye
NO guarantee you may not have to run yourself

Mini Roller Rules

Same as High Roller except NO Double Entries

**Blind Squirrel Gamblers**

Saturday only (September 23)

$500 Win (Guaranteed)
$100 R/Up
(w/12 entries or more)

$50 Entry & NO BUY BACKS

Limited to 1st 16 Entries
Pre-Entry available at (217) 345-7777

If still available; can be purchased on site

*  1st Rd at Noon (Before official Time Runs Start)
*  No Time Runs (Straight off the Trailer — Blind Dial-In)

* Blind Draw Pairings & Lane Assignment
* No Time Slips given or announced 

Time Slips will be available after this Race is complete)

* Win Light Comes On = Win, come back up and on to the next round
* Drive must stay in Hot Rod or on Bike
* Unlimited Crew to help in Staging Lanes
* Generators, Battery Chargers & Fuel ARE allowed in Staging Lanes
* Can be towed back

*Rapid Fire Racing*

(If you need cooling, fueling, check tire pressure then this isn’t for you)


Jim Chittick - 1974 Demon

Bill Bosler - 1996 S-10

This could be you

Rusty Hill - 1970 Road Runner

This could be you

This could be you

This could be you

This could be you

This could be you

This could be you

This could be you

This could be you

Quick 16
(24 Sept)
Sunday's only

16 Fastest Paid Entries

$1500 Win & $500 R/Up

$120 Entry & NO BUY BACKS

* 2 Qualifying Passes on Saturday

* 1 Qualifying Pass Sunday for New Entries only

* Entries not running on Saturday will get one attempt to qualify on Sunday

* Pro Ladder based on qualifying

* Must make at least one qualifying pass
* Faster qualified entry has lane choice
* Dial-In must be within a tenth of your fastest qualifying time
* .500 full tree

* No Buy Backs

* Any paid entry not qualified will be put into High Roller


Regular NHRA & CCD Rules apply for Speed & ET

Track and Mailing Address: 4700 West State St, Charleston, IL 61920
Track Phone: 217-345-7777 - Rods Phone: 217-512-0673
Email: colescountydragway@gmail.com

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